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About This Project

In Greek mythology the Minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man. This sinister beast with unearthly stamina dwelt at the center of the Cretan labyrinth which was an elaborate maze-like construction designed by the master architect Daedalus. When Athens lost a battle against Crete, King Minos demanded that during the full moon, seven virgins from Athens would be sent down to the labyrinth to be consumed by the Minotaur.


The dark side of the Minotaur represents man dominated by his lusts and instincts – a savage animal mind governing a human body, allowing the brutal instinctive passions to eclipse reason and discerning. It is said that in order to fight against the darkest instincts of the human ego, one has to go through the labyrinth of the underworld. But, in order to succeed, it is necessary to resort to the true origins of the soul – which does not belong to the physical world – and connect to divinity, or else one will be lost in one´s ego and matter,wandering meaninglessly through the paths of the maze. Without enlightenment of the mind, darkness prevails.


The light side of the Minotaur represents one´s human qualities. In his early age, the Minotaur, the son of King Minos, was called prince Asterion – the ruler of the stars. When he grew up, the darkness in his character took over and he was trapped in the labyrinth for life.


Created from our fears and insecurities, one´s personal Minotaur is a savage beast. It is created from the very things that one fears the most; from the things about oneself that one doesn´t want to admit exist in the darkest places of our hearts. It is one´s shadow-self; the part of ourselves that we continually deny.


The dual nature of human personality can be seen as the culmination of dark and light – the ongoing battle between good and evil in one´s path of life. Only when we realize that the beast does not define us, but instead makes us complete, can we move past the darkness of the heart and emerge into the pure light of awareness.


The myth of Minotaur in a symbolic context is about confronting the unconscious dark side of the human ego; a realization that only when facing our shadow, we can find our true self.


“When one looks deep in the eye of the beast, one may recognise the man looking back.”


Are you ready to face your beast ?