Finnish watchmaker Antti Rönkkö wanted to design and manufacture his own timepiece because the mechanics of today did not fit his ideals for sophistication and perfection in watchmaking. He wanted total freedom for designing the mechanics based on the ideals of centuries old handcrafted watchmaking tradition.

To truly understand a Finn, one has to first understand silence. The higher state of silence. Aware mental state, where thoughts and ideas form intuitively before creative expression. In communication, Finnish Silence is seen as unpleasant and uncomfortable because it is misunderstood. It's mixed with impoliteness, shyness, pride or arrogance – though it is ethnologically rooted from the appreciation of others and it means the aware creative fermentation of thought. For a Finn, silence means time for thought; creating something out of nothing.

All insight; design, art and innovation are born in quiet. Realization happens when one has a break from thinking. Centuries of knowledge are woven into revelatory moments in watchmaking.

When creating a Rönkkö timepiece, the ultimate goal is to measure time without loss. From the watchmakers own unique perspective, to make the most of time, one’s focus on the moment has to be absolute. Utilizing the art of silence magnifies each and every movement. Perfection is hidden in the detail.

Caught in the moment of pure focus, time and sound cease to exist. Each unique timepiece is born out of Finnish Silence. Watchmaker Rönkkö is totally involved in every minute detail, whether technical or aesthetic. Like a true master, nothing is left to chance.

Each Rönkkö timepiece is a culmination of long horologic tradition combined with passion, endurance and inspired Finnish design. The untiring timekeeper of Rönkkö is based on solid technical foundations incorporating centuries old knowledge and the highly prized tradition of watchmaking by hand.

There is an old Finnish proverb: Hiljaa hyvä tulee – meaning that the secret for greatness is born from silence. A timepiece of Rönkkö is a perfect example of this philosophy of life.

And there are still a lot of beautiful decibel free places in Finland.