Uncompromising spirit shows up in the number of years of timely design process. It took five years for Rönkkö to realize the design of the 'Steel Labyrinth', giving him time to meet all his ideals and requirements; both mechanical and aesthetic. Only the quest for true perfection gives him the emotional satisfaction from his work.

The passion for watchmaking and respect for tradition stands out through Rönkkö’s unique timepieces; design, materials and mechanisms without compromise. The construction of the 'Steel Labyrinth' is designed to stand the test of time and when looked after, will last a lifetime. The German silver used for the bridges is an ideal material because of its endurance and resilience. Due to these factors, the manufacturing and hand finishing is time-consuming and labor-intensive. And for these reasons, the number of unique timepieces remain limited.

The design is inspired by calming views taken from Finnish nature; the still lines and steady curves are not there by chance. Fine-tuned mechanics are based on the path of least resistance. The energy has to flow freely through the fine mechanics created by Rönkkö. He has proven that a combination of traditional methods and his own insight work best together.







In his quest for shapes and angles impossible to achieve with the modern machinery, Rönkkö takes a painstaking and time-consuming route in order to manufacture and finish his timepieces by hand. He follows the same path as the old masters before him and is proud to carry their knowledge with him, which in time, he will share with a worthy apprentice.

Similar to a labyrinth, there are times in life when all the creative paths appear blocked. Watchmaker Rönkkö knows how it feels to bang one’s head against the wall. This is the place he has been many times over the years. Of course, in a labyrinth, there’s always a way out

When one takes the time, the solution will appear naturally. One just has to keep persistent and focused. Designed as a lifelong timepiece, the secrets of the 'Steel Labyrinth' will be revealed to the owner only over time; many intriguing details which will bring joy and inspiration. It all begins with the realization that there is more to life than meets the eye; more to reality if one chooses to explore beyond the surface. The true beauty of the Rönkkö timepiece is mirrored inside and out.